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The mission of New Heights Community Resource Center is to cultivate a culture of caring, capable change agents equipped with the essential tools to overcome life's numerous roadblocks.  Our programs focus on empowering youth through strategic programs that will educate and inspire them to reach their limitless potential.

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New Heights Community Resource Center is a nonprofit 501c3 outreach center established to reach and empower the most challenged youth and families. Those suffering from academic failure, exposure to deviant behavior, teen pregnancy, truancy, feelings of hopelessness and powerlessness, out of home placement, and weak attachments to others
benefit most from our services.
Since 2011, New Heights Community Resource Center has been the voice of disadvantagedyouth, advocating for increased opportunities and  anchored social organization in distressed communities. New Heights has provided afterschool programming, summer enrichment camps, and summer food service for youth throughout St Louis City, St Louis County, and St Charles County for seven years.
Our mission is to cultivate a culture of caring, capable young leaders who recognize that they are valued change agents. New Heights Community Resource Center prides itself in its philosophy that young people are community assets rather than mere recipients of services societal liabilities. Our hope is to restore, renew, and revitalize communities through integrated service delivery strategies that will embrace youth and draw them to a purpose-driven life.


With only a short seven-year history, New Heights Community Resource Center has established itself as an innovator and champion for youth development. Since inception, it has not only served youth registered for its specific programs, but it has provided professional development seminars for youth practitioners and assisted with program design and implementation for other nonprofit youth serving organizations. Its achievements include:

  • Hosted a Feed the Children event which distributed 712 boxes of non-perishable food, hygiene products, and skin care to needy families. (2013)

  • Co-hosting a Back to School: No Bullying Concert which served 85 children (127 people total). (2014)

  • Presenting at the St. Louis Black Pages Conference on the Importance of Education and Youth Development. (2013)

  • Developing six professional development seminars for youth practitioners and early childhood paraprofessionals. (2012)

  • Hosting a summer food service program for 412 at-risk children and youth to receive healthy meals during out-of-school time. (2011-2017)

  • Hosting a community book fair where disadvantaged children and youth received a combined total of 512 free books to start a home library. (2014)

  • Facilitating a parent empowerment seminar to inform parents of academic support programs, advocacy and involvement, and methods for partnering with school officials. (2011)

  • Designing and implementing a College Awareness Conference with 34 high school participants ages 14-18. (2014)

  • Receiving an honorary award from Dream BIG Foundation for developing and facilitating a self-awareness curriculum for a group of high-risk boys ages 14-18 living in a residential treatment facility for homeless and runaway youth. (2014)

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Here Is Your Chance to Make an Impact!

Children have so much to offer to the world - we believe in the power that they hold, and know that they will mold future generations to come. At New Heights Community Resource Center, we are here to give them the support they need in order to shape them into leaders of the future. We have a number of educational programs and leadership initiatives that help nurture our youth and help them develop the skills they will carry throughout their lives. Donate today, and see how you can make an impact!

Community Service Projects
Shaping the Leaders of Tomorrow

Since 2011, we have contributed to the development of children in the greater St Louis area through our wide range of programs. Our community service projects are centered on instilling strong values into our youth and provides a space for them to expand their mind while meeting new and interesting individuals.  Youth gain a sense of civic responsibility, leadership, transfer-able skills with each project they complete.  Community service also offers a great opportunity for youth to exhibit pride in their accomplishments.

Summer Enrichment Experience
Creating Opportunities for Children

Youth ages 3-15 years old participate in an 8-week summer enrichment experience that combines academic support, life skills, character education, information technology, career development, social action, and field trips to deliver an explosive learning experience that is packed with fun and memorable moments intended to last a lifetime.

Field Trips

We select field experiences that will invoke curiosity and encourage youth to try new things and acquire valuable skills.  This year, our youth will participate in skating, swimming, bowling, laser tag, and more!  Dont leave your child home watching television all summer.  Give them a fun, engaging learning experience.

Career Development

We combine academic skills with career development to give children a real world experience of what to expect in various occupations.  This year, youth will experience construction, culinary arts, healthcare, music, and publications.

A Glimpse Inside

Want to get a glimpse at a day in the life at New Heights Community Resource Center? Now, you can. At New Heights Community Resource Center, we love to give people an idea of what goes on daily, and have made our gallery accessible to everyone. Below you will find a variety of photos from our organization that will let you in on all the fun we have each and every day. Take a look at our gallery, visit the community resource center today!