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The mission of New Heights Community Resource Center is to cultivate a culture of caring, capable change agents equipped with the essential tools to overcome life's numerous roadblocks.  Our programs focus on empowering youth through strategic programs that will educate and inspire them to reach their limitless potential.

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A Legacy of Love

As you think about Black History Month and learn about the numerous contributions of African-American pioneers and leaders, remember their commitment to love and support one another.

What will your legacy be?

"Your rewards in life are always in direct proportion to your contribution- your service" (Earl Nightingale). Choose to leave a legacy of love, inspiration, and service. As you continue your journey through life, spend as much time as you can contributing to the life of others. When you impact the lives of those in need, you empower your own life through self-pride, skill development, resume enhancement, and a sense of self-worth. The things you do, the choices you make, and the words you speak to others will become your life's legacy.

Are you proud of your legacy so far?

If not, you have plenty time to change your legacy. Commit to a legacy of love for yourself and the people around you! Reach out to an organization today and find out how you can contribute to the life of someone else. New Heights Community Resource Center has numerous opportunities to contribute to the lives of others. Join our group of inspired youth and plan, execute, and evaluate service-learning projects quarterly.

Visit or website at www.newheightsstl.org to find out about upcoming service-learning projects. Service-Learning can lead to scholarships to help fund your future!

Daniel's Troop, the male teens ministry of Anointed Word Ministries, completed their first service learning project which was a playground restoration for a nonprofit preschool in St Charles, MO. Because of them, young children have a safe, attractive place to play, explore, and learn from the world around them.

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